They’ve been laboring under misapprehension
from dawn to dusk
I see fireflies fly beneath


I found the light

Once sky told me

that is okay to be dark

Dark is not always sad they said

I need more light

My father told me I was a curious one,

when I was a child, I used to caught fireflies in backyard

and saved them in my pocket

released them in my parents’ room


I said “when I grow up, they will remain within you.”

I thought I have found my light.

I didn’t know,

fireflies are not here forever.



Podcasts You May Listen in 2018


We are all having playlist in our Spotify, Apple Music, you name it. In this matter, ears are very easy to catch the knowledge then why we stuck in just listen to the music or even listen to your favorite subscriptions on YouTube? Podcast isn’t a new thing but for me I started listening to podcasts last year in early 2017. And I found it very enjoyable and easy to digest. Here are some podcasts that you may want or consider to listen / subscribes in 2018:

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

pod - tiny leaps

Gregg Clunis’s podcasts are usually a few minutes episode, with insightful day-to-day behaviors advice on anxiety, stress, motivation and procrastination. Tiny Leaps is antithesis of real actionable advice; every episode has tiny steps you can take to make marginal improvements of personal development.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

pod - terrible

This is not for everyone, if you want talk-real-life-discussion and drama, you might enjoy the show. This podcast hosted by Nora McInerny Purmont is all about people opening up their feelings and a painful experience that they’ve had. Its an honest, engrossing, well-produced to us to learn how really listen to others problem and learn from it.


pod - homecoming

If you want a dose of culture, Homecoming is a great psychological thriller that is so gripping with scripted and star-studded that feels like a movie when you listen the series. Told largely through series of phone calls and taped therapy sessions, make Homecoming thrills like no others.

Welcome to Night Vale

pod - welcome to nightvale

A radio drama that takes place in the fictional town of Nightvale, this great for you fans of the weird and funny. A twice-monthly fiction podcast from the town of Night Vale, where every conspiracy theory is true.

Alice Isn’t Dead

pod - alice

Best for creeping yourself out. A series of audio diaries by a truck driver in her search across country for his wife who had long assumed was dead.

Sound Matters

 pod - sounds

The name reveals the purpose itself. The sounds of the world around us. It tools at how we listen to sounds, the stories we tell, and the ideas, inventions, discoveries, possibilities around sounds. The episodes have discussed how sound affects memory, life, and something like that. Very fresh pick if you want to know how is the power of sounds.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

pod - tell me

Stephen Dubner’s talk show which particularly becomes a podcast. The set of live audiences are invited on stage to tell speakers what they don’t know. Each episode has new group of presenters and themes, it’s a real time human conversation.

TED Radio Hour

pod - ted

Yeah for sure this is for those who watch TEDx talks. Listen to them instead when you’re on your way to office or between meeting hopping presented by Guy Raz, recent episodes include how Big Data will reshape the world and why we lie. Pretty common… in TED senses.


pod - reveal

If you are a news reader and want to be informed. Hosted by Al Letson and produced by some of the most talented journalist in the biz out of the Center for Investigative Reporting. (Definitely not for me, but still trying)

Good Hang

pod - good hang

It’s a susceptible to listen yet good-humored podcast hosted by Jon and Nathan talk about pop culture, current events, and anything, pretty everything that tickles some fancies. We are entering boys talk about knowledge in television, movies, games, comic books, with engaging conversation. Listening to them is fun. Especially in the morning before you start your day!

Note To Self

pod - note to

Hunts for the smart choices that will help you live and think more productively. Manoush Zomorodi speaks to people; including tech industry leaders and school teachers to talk about how technology can better influence our lives. We all know for sure, but are you curious that “Can your phone make you better in bed?”


pod - podluck

Ay halo Indonesia! Podluck is the new program from Catalyst Arts talk about new events, knowledge about art and visual, design, illustration and all different kind of art. If you are looking for art updates around the country. Awesome start for local podcast! I am thrilled!

Note: These podcasts are mostly available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or Soundcloud. Very easy to get, no hassle. Thus, you could learn how to listen well, if you know what I intended.

stAGE of HOPElessness


They showed me how to create images,

about ourselves,

which divined us.

Wallflowers, soil and water.


of rain drops

please, enlighten me.



A heart of mine told me once

Time was just once a future,


After seconds, minutes, hours,

it passed,


People eyes and their madness,

depression and self destruction

weird acts and well-planned dramas.

Life lies between present and past,

dreams of reality.


When I think about my self



lights and paths are just side to side.

I’m not here for crossing time,

I’m evolving,

that’s why I am here.

Feel me?


Note: This is my self experience through my feeling towards the artworks, these words are not linked to any of Artists’ point of view or messages.



Biennale Jogja (BJ) is an international biennial run by Yogyakarta Regional Government and organized by Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta (YBY). It was first organized in 1988, and this year reached its 14th edition. Starting with 2011, YBY launched the project of Biennale Jogja Equator series (Biennale Equator) with focus on the region of the equator belt. Biennale Jogja assumes the equator as a new perspective which simultaneously opens up to confront the ‘establishment’ as well the conventions towards the organization of such events. Equator represents the starting point to create a common platform to “re-read’” the world.

Curatorial Biennale Jogja
Biennale Jogja XIV Equator #4 will respond to the issue of live uncertainty which has made us less brave to hope as the reality has become increasingly hard to understand.

The main team raised in Biennale Jogja XIV Equator #4 is:

This big narrative invites us to experience a transition from uncertainty towards hope. The narration will present a series of traumatic moments which can be interpreted as aesthetic moments of raising awareness. Nine repertoires will be shown, consisting of three main parts such as Organizing Chaos as the main theme for Festival Equator, Stage of Hopelessness as the main theme for Main Exhibition and Parallel Events, and Managing Hope as the theme for Biennale Forum.[1]

Main exhibition held at Jogja Nasional Musium

2nd Nov – 10th Dec 2017

More Info check: biennalejogja.org

Sunday Movie: Brimstone


Set in wide-open-19th-century spaces, it’s a two-and-a-half-hour sadomasochistic Western domestic horror film divide in four chapters. The theme of film is about the evil of incest. Dutch-immigrant preacher from hell, Guy Pearce and Dakota Fanning starring as his daughter, who he explicitly wants to marry.


Which he thinks it’s God’s will, he cites the Bible story of Lot and his daughters to prove it. The film opens with chapter one called Revelation, when a frontier wife – Fanning – plays Liz with a daughter and stepson; she’s also mute, speaks in sign language. The hell of Liz started when the family goes to church and the new preacher shows up. The preacher is called the Reverend.


Liz knows she and her family are in great danger. Wrongly accused of a crime she didn’t commit, Liz is hunted by vengeful Preacher telling Liz that he has to punish her.

Brimstone is that the more the film moves into the past, the closer it gets into heart of darkness. When domestic sexual abuse of the past of life brings the future punishment and judgement of the lone survivor, Liz, but then Reverend calls it “love”. Such a one creepy spark of grotesque suspense.

The theme may be termed sexuality abusive, is that incest of demon of any of young girl could imagine of her very-own-home-nightmares.


Watch trailer

Last call watch Brimstone at GoetheHaus Jakarta 14th May 2017, 19:30.



Drawings as The Secret of Characters

Porches Tour Poster

Maren Karlson is a Berlin-based illustrator has a style of abstract combine with still life and portrait demonstrating a fresh and new perspective of the female in every bold characteristic should have.

From the interview by The Editorial Magazine to talk about her artworks. As a young girl, Karlson always felt very strongly that no matter what she did, no one would take me seriously. She figured it must have been because she looked younger than she was. Anything she did was called “cute”.[1]

Karlson is using the female character in her drawings as an outlet for the secret wish to be more intimidating, less cute, more assertive and less nice. The character she made basically embodies everything she has always wanted to be.

My Fortress

For Karlson feels it is important to portray a female that is expression extreme emotions; anger, fear, resentment, rage, shadenfreude-aggression which is not an emotion of young girl express freely.

She wants to draw girls who are unafraid of spoiling the fun, who demand the expression of feeling, who are proud to ruin an atmosphere that shames women for speaking up, who confidently take up the space they deserve, and who will never be scared into being silent because they have nothing to lose.

Dungeon Baby

Karlson is more in control freak to her creation process, she plans them out down to the very finest detail. These days she has come to think that it is also important to let go and not censor yourself before have even made anything. When trying to create without thinking or judging while she does it, and accept any idea, no matter how “bad” she thinks it is. There will always be time for judgment later.

2 Private Eyes

Karlson says it’s been very luxurious to live in Berlin as an artist. Berlin sometimes that she feels like a lot of people stay isolated, they don’t really care about meeting new people because they “already have friends.” She’s not seriously complaining because she has some amazing and inspiring friends who are really supportive, which she really thankful for.

Art Bug

Marlen Karlson


The Powerful “Kingdom of Girls”


Ibapyntngen in the cottage. (Karolin Klüppel)

Mawlynnong is about 90 kilometres from the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong, India. Mawlynnong is over hundred years old, keeping the surrounding environment clean an age old tradition. The society is matrilineal making women economically powerful. The Khasi trival inhabitans are known to be worshippers of nature which make them the main occupation of the villagers is agriculture.[1]

Wanda on the stairs to the treehouse, 2013. (Karolin Klüppel)

This Discover India Magazine declared the village as the cleanest in Asia in 2003, brought a Berlin-based photographer, Karolin Klüppel was travelled to india to document the phonemenon – tribes in the east Khasi Hills, Mawlynnong is located home to just 95 houses and a population of around 500.

Yasmin, playing at the river, 2014. (Karolin Klüppel)

In the Khasi tribe, when the youngest daughter inherits the family’s wealth and property, which men rarely own. The system also dictates that children take their mother’s surname and once a man marries, he lives in this mother-in-law’s home. A family with only sons is considered unlucky, Klüppel reports.[2]

Grace with dry fish, 2013. (Karolin Klüppel)

Grace in my dress, 2014. (Karolin Klüppel)

“To Disrespect a woman in this culture means to harm the society. Daughters are often more wanted than boys, and a family with just sons is considered to be miserable, because only daughters can assure the continuity of a clan.” Klüppel said in a statement to In Sight and Violet[3] magazine.

Ibapyntngen, playing, 2013. (Karolin Klüppel)

Steam, 2013. (Karolin Klüppel)

Karolin Klüppel saw this inverted world of herself. For nine months spanning two years lived with different Khasi families.

Klüppel says some, upset by their second-class status, are calling for gender equality. But mostly she was struck by “the respect that Khasi men have for women,” which is at the heart of this photo series. “I want everyone to know about cultures that are different from the patriarchal world we live in – and I want people to question that system.”[5]

Phida with balloon, 2013. (Karolin Klüppel)

Indonesian Art in the Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Century

Untitled 2 (Beringin) by Wakidi

World as we see it is kind of different from each eyes whose see. A painting might be one of the oldest media to show the philosophy differ principally according to the painters subject and meaning which they reflect, transform and express it.[1] From reality within his spiritual world – simplify their deep head and feelings – as an individual interaction with the world.

The paintings in this collection from Art 1 New Museum show the development of Indonesian art in the twentieth and onto the twenty-first century.[2] The paintings are mostly represent a romanticized view of the Indonesian Landscape: colonial times, and also supported the notion of Mooi Indië. Mooi Indië (“Beautiful Indies”) was likely have been used term for the romanticized idyllic landscapes portraying the Indies, inspired by the beauty of indie land, people and culture, and therefore paint with their highest sense of aesthetics. [3]

And other than that, Modern painting are also came into Indonesia was often considered to be introduced by Sindhudarsono Sudjojono who urged Indonesian painters to shy away from painting in the Mooi Indie genre and create artworks that expressed their own thoughts and feelings.

Pulang Bawa Kaju (Bringing Wood Home) by S. Sudjojono, 1968

According with Sudjojono’s thought: during the early development of Indonesian art, some artist often painted the lives of common folk, with their own individual characteristic styles. And the exhibition shows two of the best are Affandi and Hendra Gunawan.


Boats at Kusamba by Affandi, 1981



Picking Lice by Hendra Gunawan

And the time after the fall of Soeharto in 1998, Amrus Natalsya and other painters in the era of end of 1980 artists whom are associated with Lekra (People’s Cultural Agency) of the Communist Party were detained following the aborted coup d’etat of 1965 had been released from prison and became active again creating artworks express their thoughts and point of views of political and racial discrimination during that time with marked freedom in their artworks as you can see it in Armus Natalsya painting.


Menyerbu Alengka by Armus Natalsya

Near to today in the 21st century Indonesia seems has increased and managed great economic development. For modern artist and art collectors were developed more sophisticated, formalistic tastes, one of catches my eyes is a painting by Srihardi Soedarsono.


Jiwa Samudra by Srihadi Soedarsono, 1987

And for above all, I met this the most beautiful woman in such an exotic feels of beautiful Javanese woman wears kebaya. In a steady posture and gesture, the sense of power and self-control. This beauty is made by Basoeki Abdullah his characterized as realism.


Lady in Kebaya by Basoeki Abdullah

Picture is talking thousand words, speaking of creating a vision. Painting are one of example of human experiment of their eyes to the mind through their body into a media. Kind of elegance of experiment which evokes legitimate admiration, affords us intellectual and aesthetic pleasure. A meaningful expression without words. When truth can be seen in each of who sees it with different point of view followed by the same feeling of artist’s visions.



Indonesian Art in the Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Century
Art:1 New Museum

Jl. Rajawali Selatan Raya No 3
Jakarta 10720 Indonesia

Wakidi , Affandi , Jeihan , Koempoel , S. Soedjono , Chris Suharso , Suparto , Putu Ngurah Wardhana , Abdullah , Srihadi , Fajar Sidik , But Mochtar , G. Sidharta , Nashar , Rusli , Bagong Kusudiarja , G. Sidharta Soegijo , Hendra Gunawan