Princess & Her Coffee


Almost every afternoon she went to a coffee shop nearby her office, she always reserved the same spot, at the same hours; table for two, right before the stairs.

“One hot macchiato and apple crumble for this beautiful lady”

She looked out towards the door, for two hours a day. She sat there exploring, discovering people passing by the door. She enjoyed their faces whose elicited their ‘hidden’ stories. Just, like that.

“Hi, excuse me, are you smiling at me?”
he said to her after she eyed him entering the door, smiling.
“Hmm, no?”

As he introduced him self, and asked why he caught her eyes exploring him entered the building. He felt that he was kind of interesting object. So, he planned to play the catch.

“So, tell me why a ladylike can sit here alone, sipping a bitter macchiato and had a sweetest dessert on earth. What a scene to be missed”, he directly felt okay to sat in front of her. Spilled out a question sign of starting a conversation.

“Do you want to hear a sad story?”
“Try me”


“‘This is a story of beautiful Princess and her lover who has long been in longing to be a couple but their plan didn’t go well along her parents’ policy. After a decade the princess refused to forget about her lover. She preferred holding her breath in live deeply from letters to letters that came for her, like wood that need fire to warm the night, comfortably soundless.

Unfortunately, her broken hearted story must be had an end. She whined to his father, The King, begged his willing. The King felt down to saw her only daughter suffering from the sadness she made. And finally The King blessed her with his will.’”

“Sad story, isn’t it?”, she stated.
“No, that was a happy ending, right? Except, after-a-decade-part. Phew, how come?”
“Don’t forget, she had a mother.”


“I only say this, because knowing that you have suffered great pain and sorrow, you will be more cheerful, perhaps, after spoiled out to a stranger, but let me know you; who are you; what brought you here alone?”
“It wasn’t about me, you might recognized the second I finished the story”

She checked her utterance for some minutes; when he got silence on the point of her statement to relate how the story had been brought him to a confusing moment, and carried away the sadness from her eyes while she pretended it was just an old story from far-far-away castle.

He had a manner of bitting his lip when he spoke and of looking directly to her eyes at the same time: which irresistibly gorgeous, she thought. However this attitude, he fixed himself, the moment he made his appearance; and, holding out a small piece of brown leather pouch, in a growling, broken voice.

“Too bad, I thought we have one more shot”

At this moment, there he walked away: supporting himself by a careless gesture: rather lame in aged face, who was dressed in a blue parka, grey striped t-shirt she gave. Just like a decade ago.

The first time I came to Museum Ulen Sentalu, it took me less than 1 hour to get here from central town of Yogyakarta. The ambiance and atmosphere from the buildings and surroundings gave me a calm vibe. Museum Ulen Sentalu is about private collection of history of Javanese Heritage; paintings, statues, Javanese Historical Literature, and even a private collection from princess of Kraton Yogyakarta.

Ulen Sentalu brings everything seems so close to nostalgic mood of old heritage of Central Java. We can find a lot of interesting stories about Kraton and their Kings and Princesses which we couldn’t hear in any place before. And of course, it’s a private collections so yes, people are not allowed to take picture while we inside the main buildings.

After we finished the private tour, there is Boukenhof Restaurant. You will definitely don’t want get out of there soon you finished the tour. To feel the magical and mystic feel of Museum. You can also try to eat your late lunch or have a conversation about the private collections with friends and family in Boukenhof Restaurant. When I enter the restaurant, it gave me feel like so hollandish, wood furniture, white table cloth and those detail art deco ornament. They serve western food, it was kinda weird for me. But still it’s a perfect place for you to sit and feel your needs of nature and historical demand.

Museum Ulen Sentalu & Boukenhof Restaurant – Sleman, Yogyakarta
December 2016

Author: timurbiru

City walker capturing some stories.

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