Daydream Agreement


The plan was to meet environment of the well beings. To be here to make my mind wakes. Here makes my blood blue. Wear a tiger as a robe and that righteousness feels; grasping a silver shield, and the sharpest sword hanging on my waist. Everything seems foreign, the wind whispering an exceptional judgment. As it written the duty of saving the princess from an one eyed troll.

The song suddenly stopped switching to my phone’s ringtone sound. A familiar name pop up.

“What time is it? You’re late!”

When a solitude bliss is hard to get to live which alone is to live forever.


He had to run outside the warehouse. He heard his name called from a distance. A continuance, he looked at a place where reminded of important history was created, was exactly what suited in his mind.

“Can we go to another place? Everything has changed, you should’ve known!”, he caught a pair of calm eyes, as he was finding where was the voice came from.

He directly saw the trees which he has been seen for years, loyally in complete stand still within the storm. This season of cheerfulness, no cold-hearted could be more cheerful than the wind that day, or possess, in a greater expectation of happiness which is happiness itself.

“It’s comfortable enough, even this will remain the same.”

Kebun Raya Bogor – December 2016

Author: timurbiru

City walker capturing some stories.

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